The principal of First Choice Adjusters Group has many years of experience in the real estate and insurance industry. We know the claims process inside out and handle your claim from start to finish.

At times we will know about your loss before you do. We get referrals from mitigation companies, past customers, and friends who call us when they see a fire or other damage and let us know someone out there needs our expertise. Once you contact us we take the reigns.

Everything in the claims process requires knowledge. What to do as soon as a loss occurs. The mitigation process. The insured has an obligation to try and stop any further damages from occurring because of the original damage.
We guide you with the mitigation process and can refer you to the best mitigation companies in your area.

We review your policy which is one of the most important duties we have. Insurance companies look for loopholes to try to avoid paying claims.

Our knowledge, contacts, and expertise is what will get you the amount of money you need to make repairs. We have a process that will get you paid in a timely manner, not dragging it out like the insurance companies tend to do.

So, when is the best time to contact us?

As soon as a loss occurs and, if possible, while loss is
happening. Hopefully, you won’t have any losses but if you do,
reach out to us. You will be happy we were your First Choice.

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